Iberian pork slice with sauce

  • Secret ibèric amb salsa


  • 1 piece of Iberian pork slice
  • 200 gr. of fresh green beans
  • 3 potatoes
  • Olive oil
  • Maldon salt
  • Regular salt
  • Sweet paprika
  • A bit of lettuce
  • Rosemary leaves


Wash and peel the vegetables, slice in ½ cm pieces and boil.

Meanwhile, remove external fat from the Iberian pork slice. Cut the meat in slices and fry very slightly (and once the vegetables are ready) in a pan with but a few drops of olive oil. Season them with Maldon salt.

Mix a bit of olive oil and half a teaspoonful of sweet paprika and a pinch of regular salt until you get a proper emulsion. Keep apart.

Iberian pork slice garnished with potatoes and green beans

Use the pan where you fried the meat to briefly fry the potato slices until they are slightly toasted.

Thoroughly rinse the lettuce leaves and make ready to prepare the dish!

Place some lettuce in the centre and create layers: a slice of potato, then some beans, then another potato, some more beans and, finally, one last slice of potato.
Surround this garnish with cuts of meat and sprinkle with the oil/paprika emulsion.

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